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In three and a harf months, the biggest transition in my life will come.

Change will come.

Change will come to me.

I will be a full time worker.

For the day I will be a worker, I want to work hard and get ahead what I can do and brush up myself as much as possible. In particular, reading a lot of valuable books and do things which I can not do in the future. Of course keep studying English as a global tool, along with studying finansial statistics.

What's more, recently I am interested in quick reading. I face a particular problem which is my speed of reading. Usually I take more than three days to finish up a book. Obviously it is consumputiv of time, and hopefully I want to cut out the wasted time. That is why I want to start reading quicky. Or perhaps there is another choice, "Photo reading", which is developed in America as a skill of gathering information in a moment. As I looking at some model results of people's photo-reading, I found some sort of dreamlike outcome. The people who tried to conduct photo reading saw great change. Thought how greatful and effective if I could do this in my future life.

Before Oregon vol.2

 Continuing with vol.1, you might want to check it before see this if you want to understand why I started studying English.

 As I wrote, through hard work and perseverance, I got an opportunity to study in a magical, huge, nation made up of a wide variety of people, America that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before. Before three months to go there, I started studying English harder than ever, since it has become 2006. In particular, each day I memorized a hundred words which I did not know and uni students who normally have taken examination to enter universities know. It was a hard work for me because I realized not only how difficult to memorize those meanings and pronunciations, but also I regretted that I should have studied English harder during compulsory education period.

 One month later, did reading, listening, writing and memorizing, I thought now is the time to train my speaking skill. At the time in February, I started go around many English conversation schools, and took trial lessons so many times. I was hardly speaking English at the first time, but luckily, day by day, in every way I was getting better and better. I felt my improvement, so it was like really fun and I was very positive.

 Then with confidence and improved skill, the time is come. Time flied quickly. April has come to me so fast.

Before Oregon vol.3

Continuing with vol.1,2, you might want to read those before unless you do not want to understand what Im writing.

With confidence and improved skill, I went abroad to America with twelfth friends from same University.

The friends were mainly older than me except one guy. Needless to say, I did not have any intention to hung out or friendly with them because of my purpose to go abroad. Just studying English, understanding other culture, and experienceing valuable things. But later I realized this idea is not good enough.

Reading Books

"I know you are reading lots of books recentry, and that good for you considering your future. You can understand many things which you didnt know, and you will be great person by reading. But what I thoght when I read your book reviews is that there is no consistency of your books. Why you don't you decide or pick just same kinds of theme of books??"

My senier friends told me last night this above things on my review. Actually, recently I have been reading so many books just because I want to broaden my sense of values. In my opinion on what my friend said is that people should decide or pick one theme if they really want to know, or they want to be professor. Otherwise they do not need to read one theme of books because of the reasons I will mention below.

Reading books gave me a lot of things to me. Knowledge, logical thinking, speculation, imagination and so on. So many things Ive got and will get more things which I do not know. As I said, as Im reading books, things are happening in my mind. Words are running in my mind and as it does, I can not help but thinking about books I have read. Those are mysterious experience for me, and the result of my everyday reading. Read one book one day I continue. Realized "Practice makes power."

Because of those reason, my opinion on my friends comment is that people should not limit their interest of reading books. Just broaden your interest and read many kinds of books and you will how great this way. In the future you can talk about many things at any time with anybody. Grat knowledge it gives you. So do not decide and pick one theme of books unless you want to be professional. Understood?

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